INSTANT LOVE is a bi-monthly singles series of famous love songs originally sung between men, now sung between women (without changing the gender). We are creating a collection, in a sense a "living album" via playlists.

INSTANT LOVE celebrates the power of love + unity between women: mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, lovers and everything in between.

INSTANT LOVE supports feminism, girl power, and the LGBTQ community.

INSTANT LOVE highlights female artists unafraid of breaking down gender boundaries.

INSTANT LOVE opens a new portal to empowering self-love in women, often the rarest kind.

Let’s unlock it all.

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Introducing Instant Love
Instant Love Nest Interview Series
The new Instant Love web site is here!

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Presenting INSTANT LOVE!

Instant Records is proud to announce the INSTANT LOVE series, premiering March 8th for International Women's Day...

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