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Buy/stream it here: http://radi.al/FallulahGhostfriend

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/c0ZJPBaEGBM

About The Song, In Fallulah’s Own Words:

“Unrequited love is the topic of the song. Not necessarily in the traditional sense, but I will leave further interpretation up to the listener. 

One of the reasons I had this idea for the video, which is a love story between a woman and a cat, though mostly or perhaps completely one-sided, is to show a surreal take on a very cliché subject. It's two people in a relation where one part isn't really mentally there which causes the invested part to end up loosing their fucking mind. I've known this feeling and I see it around me all the time. Ghostfriend is a word that embodies that feeling for me. I like making up words when I feel like they don't already exist, but are needed in my vocabulary.”

- Fallulah