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Brooklyn folk artist Erin Durant kicks off the series with her rendition of Bufflo Springfield's "Kind Woman" out on March 8th. Then every 2 weeks, Instant Records will release a new single globally by a new female artist.

Teaser here: https://youtu.be/GkgkEEIhVsQ

INSTANT LOVE is a collection of famous love songs that were originally sung by men about women, reimagined with female vocalists. The songs apply to mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, lovers, and everything in between.

INSTANT LOVE represents the evaporating gender roles in our society and supports feminism, girl power, the LGBT community, and our birthright to love with an open heart. It also offers empowerment and unity in a volatile political landscape.

The release will also be innovative. Since Instant Records is part of the global digital distributor The Orchard, we have the ability to shake things up and create a “living album” in the modern, digital world. Each digital title will have original artwork in a cohesive series by Rebecca Morehiser as well as a branded logo.

INSTANT LOVE will release a new single every 2 weeks, starting Wednesday March 8th for International Women’s Day with “Kind Woman” sung by NY folk singer Erin Durant. The series will be collected on playlists on Spotify and Apple Music.