Pale Honey is a minimalist rock duo from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their music is both restrained and intense, blending coolness with heat. On stage the band performs as a quartet consisting of singer/guitarist Tuva Lodmark, drummer Nelly Daltrey, and backed up by bass and keyboard/guitar.

The band released the riff-heavy single Youth in March 2015 followed by the debut LP Pale Honey in May 2015. "Real Thing" single dropped in October 2016, and more music is coming your way soon.

"I am so taken by their voices, it reminds me a little bit of the XX with a slightly elevated pulse to it."
-Robin Hilton (NPR Music)

"These girls hammer another nail into the coffin of the myth that women can’t perform rock ‘n’ roll in the same way men can. ... When her guitar explodes into the frenzied, nervy bolt of the chorus, she keeps her voice subdued, creating this sense of tension and control that adds an intimate, feminine layer to the song. " - Stereogum

Video premiere for "Get These Things Out of My Head" by Pale Honey

via Dork Magazine...

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Pale Honey announce new LP 'Devotion' and release new single!

You can get all 3 singles immediately upon pre-order...

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Another new single from Swedish babes Pale Honey

"Why Do I Always Feel This Way" speakes to the longing of youth.

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Pale Honey announces new single

"Real Thing" will be out October 14th.

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Pale Honey releases "Tease" single

With a special acoustic b-side...

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