"Wordless" performed by @LexiLawson is out in 3 weeks! in the mean time you can stream all the Instant Love tracks… https://t.co/T1fnV9cgej
CELEBRATE LOVE! CELEBRATE PRIDE! The power of music (thx @mariaisabelsev) fuels the love bonfire. Whether you ident… https://t.co/Oq2e2feWcK
Nothing better than love from the original artist! Thank you @CountingCrows for listening to our version of "Americ… https://t.co/1xnG0g71il
And for every movement - a soundtrack, thx @RachelFannan! Whether you identify as male or female, wherever you fall… https://t.co/p2f2acPCKQ
CELEBRATE LOVE! CELEBRATE PRIDE! Behold the power of music to fuel the love bonfire. Whether you identify as male o… https://t.co/xfHv3AyUN9
And for every movement - a soundtrack, thx #IrmaThomas! Whether you identify as male or female, wherever you fall o… https://t.co/3nc6Q0PkI5
New "Instant Love" song out by @mariaisabelsev who transforms the Police song "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic… https://t.co/LGP4CSYKZV
"We're people, we feel, I hope this might foster solidarity between women" From "Instant Love Nest" interviews (on… https://t.co/Ro4PGsbpw8
We agree, it's been so fun to hear a woman's voice on @CountingCrows track "American Girls" by @alicepisanomusic. T… https://t.co/UEUtZWpnUk
Mother's Day is tomorrow!! Set the mood for mom with our Mother's Day playlist on Spotify. Of course we've peppered… https://t.co/fNsbw4qxiD
IT'S HERE! Our 19th song by @alicepisanomusic, who transforms the @CountingCrows song "American Girls" between wome… https://t.co/pbEubYIRPo
https://t.co/wV3TrWDg5q Track 19 from the Instant Love collection of SONGS BETWEEN WOMEN is out on Friday!!! In the… https://t.co/fM4HBObgpJ
Track 19 from Instant Love series of SONGS BETWEEN WOMEN is out Friday!!! For now you can jam to the collection on… https://t.co/RQ0up2bgen
ONE WEEK until the next Instant Love single! Track 19 is sung by our newest crush @AlicePisano94 who transforms the… https://t.co/SIdghXRHsc
GREAT article today in the @nytimes about gender and music, and we're featured at the end :D #LoveInstantLove… https://t.co/6wCegZOEDR
RT @siriusxmvolume: Huge thanks to Richard Gottehrer and @AllisonZatarain from #LoveInstantLove @InstantRecords for stopping by… https://t.co/6csjs2XpVi
2018's first Instant Love single is here! Check out @lolacoca's singing that we just can't live in a world without… https://t.co/9C2a0ye3p1
After the pilot, the first full episode of our Podcast is here! You can listen on @tunein!! #LoveInstantLove https://t.co/bl2SdPfDRe
FRI MARCH 9th our INSTANT LOVE series of SONGS BETWEEN WOMEN drops single 18! @lolacoca sings "A World Without Love… https://t.co/4OB4NKRayJ
Instant Love = self love. Songs between women = songs from within women. Explore more with our video series.… https://t.co/GHoJf00Elv
@MoniqueSchafter I'd love to send u "Instant Love Volume 1" songs between women via classic love songs, reinterpret… https://t.co/ON6BRhvkjs
@alexjpollard I'd love to send u "Instant Love Volume 1" songs between women via classic love songs, reinterpreted, … https://t.co/bURuM8vE3A
@annkpowers I'm dying to send you "Instant Love Volume 1" of songs between women via classic love songs, reinterpre… https://t.co/0c8MdqDsj9
https://t.co/8L4PAtL42u @AllisonZatarain appears on her hero @_KimberlySnyder's"Beauty Inside Out" #podcast (episod… https://t.co/wO7aYqkCUb
@AllisonZatarain appears on @_KimberlySnyder's "Beauty Inside Out" #podcast (episode 241) to talk Instant Love. Kim… https://t.co/b2pGK0UpkI
@AllisonZatarain appears on the @_KimberlySnyder "Beauty Inside Out" #podcast (episode 241) to discuss Instant Love… https://t.co/QcvG851A37
Thank you to @thepooluk for the love of INSTANT LOVE over in the UK! #LovsInstantLove #songsbetweenwomen https://t.co/TfXsGEcqoU
2nd installment of "song favs" playlists on our Instant Love @Spotify page has jams from the "Soul Queen of New Orl… https://t.co/y8uxxt3Y0p
Thank you @SongwritingMagazine for talking us + 4 Instant Love artists @tristentristen @hollymiranda @erika_spring… https://t.co/S9bHKeQvqs
After 17 singles, releasing "Instant Love Volume 1" in January felt like giving birth. https://t.co/giHAlsSz4j. Mor… https://t.co/WfBThwKwKc
Thank you @Flavourmag for chatting with me about my female artists loves. https://t.co/D13yYGbde2
#17 drops Fri and it's a "Colours" REMIX by @Paltunes / @erika_spring Stream them all: https://t.co/wl15840Nu6 #❤️… https://t.co/hqKBiE7dOy
We launched a @PledgeMusic store! "Instant Love Vol 1" out 1/19/18!! Pre-order limited edition vinyl and new merch! https://t.co/weZo8S57Rx
#LoveInstantLove song #16 is "Colours" by #Donovan​ reimagined b/t women by @erika_spring of @AuRevoirSimone Stream… https://t.co/ACj3MTQeUD
Our @annie__hart chatted w/ @BrooklynBased on her new LP "Impossible Accomplice + its sonic and lyrical inspiration https://t.co/4uk2bBL6W5
We agree, @consequence, who said this about "I'm Your Man (Instant Love)" by @hollymiranda. Stream the series here:… https://t.co/ahmaMwf4rf
"it’s a moonlit, cavernous version of Leonard Cohen’s 'I’m Your Man', itself quiet, cabaret perfection" Thank u for the love, @redrosesforme
Hear "I'm Your Man" via @consequence by @hollymiranda who talks binary gender in article. https://t.co/wl15840Nu6 /… https://t.co/8Wf7P3C6zZ
Watch @DetroitJess on @CarsonDaly last night rocking "Hot Damn" and "Teléfono" https://t.co/9HIOFoLU31 #indierock
Tonight stay up late to catch @DetroitJess on @CarsonDaly and watch this hot preggo momma rock out harder than you can! #JessicaHernandez
"A welcome reinvigoration of rock en español further proving that these days women own rock" @REMEZCLA @DetroitJess https://t.co/QvC1b4Xoqz
#14 #LoveInstantLove by Russian-born Mexico-living @TinaKristinaMuz w/ reggae-pop "A Girl Like You" by… https://t.co/YD0aCubTKe
RT @famemagazine: FM premiere | Leo Napier ‘Smile’ lyric video https://t.co/LeZ74U7f88 @LeoNapierMusic https://t.co/BPoRwubwKt
Our Gothenburg duo @palehoneyband announce new album 'Devotion' w/ 'Get These Things Out Of My Head' premiere!! https://t.co/GIEi3Q2iPc
Catch the interview w/ @annie__hart via @RavelinMagazine. "going solo 'felt like jumping off a cliff'.” https://t.co/KHiObrfV6V #anniehart
Hear all about her creation process of "Impossible Accomplice" by @annie__hart out 9/15 on @behindsetlist https://t.co/gJ4PehgAOF #AnnieHart
We're DYING from the support of @TheRyanAdams on "Amy" by @NicoleAtkins OMG!!!!!! https://t.co/tjPRvjwlgM
#13 by #LoveInstantLove out today by @NicoleAtkins! She covers @TheRyanAdams classic "Amy" w/ a rock psych twist <3… https://t.co/pp1U9dtp0O
You can hear "Amy" by @NicoleAtkins and her "lush strings and psychedelic riffs" one day early courtesy of @RelixMag https://t.co/aVf4tEYbRO
We signed @annie__hart! "Impossible Accomplice" out 9/15. Get first 3 singles instantly when pre-ordering the LP.… https://t.co/ZxkaTuPnXa
"Amy" by @TheRyanAdams sung by @NicoleAtkins is out Fri 8/25 for INSTANT LOVE series between women! First 12 here:… https://t.co/uqUOtaujxN
The 12th song from #LoveInstantLove is a #Remix by @SwaggRcelious of "Trouble" by @Adriana_Louise Stream it all her… https://t.co/4JBLERBNim
SUPER inspirational stuff from @lindseyruthie! #girlpower #truth #honesty https://t.co/F86rC0Wy08
Women have heard "boy-meets-girl" to death thru a male gaze. But what about "GIRL-MEETS-GIRL?!?" What about FRIENDS… https://t.co/Dvgx9vChYo
Today @SpindleMagazine has the exclusive premiere of Episode 2 of "Instant Love Nest" interview series w/… https://t.co/vdrOlfxFSa
"She comes to me when I'm feeling down, inspires me without a sound" @LoloZouai rocks track 11 on #LoveInstantLove… https://t.co/kRNA4O5XC3
🎼"You can't change crazy/girl you're living proof"🎶 Stream "Can't Change Crazy" by @LeoNapierMusic via @FAMEmagazine https://t.co/LR3Pjr4a0Q
Thank u @NPR for covering @DetroitJess + "Telephone/Teléfono" on #AllThingsConsidered this weekend! https://t.co/aRggAZIyAK #NPR #interview
Thank you @REMEZCLA for premiering the new "Bad at Loving You" video by @DetroitJess https://t.co/siAIKBm6jM #bilingualalbum #Telephone
RT @orchtweets: Hear the latest addition to @Instantrecords' #LoveInstantLove @ksouzaofficial's sultry "Ain't No Sunshine" https://t.co/cvtSKEas4Z
RT @YahooMusic: Song Premiere: Argentinian Jazz Singer Karen Souza Croons 'Ain't No Sunshine' https://t.co/ucWt6hTSiS
Holla #Telephone #telefono @DetroitJess https://t.co/1SidQxDsjM
The title track from "Teléfono" by @DetroitJess landed on @Spotify 's New Music Friday Latin playlist, check it: https://t.co/s6FWs9S9uw
@nprmusic digs "Telephone"/"Teléfono" by @DetroitJess, out NOW! https://t.co/qxbZOCWYDp https://t.co/o4tOE6M77N // https://t.co/5I6cPMi554
Stream 2 albums from @DetroitJess 1 day pre-release via @consequence #bilingualalbum #jessicahernandez https://t.co/aoHrRtbQWd
1 day until "Telephone" + "Teléfono" by @DetroitJess! https://t.co/D2IMV5bFXr // https://t.co/qdsTc9pNVi https://t.co/u7nidzvjb4
2 days until "Telephone" + "Teléfono" by @DetroitJess! https://t.co/cxep2cnEut // https://t.co/NTuroPOxPp https://t.co/DwdrgDlB1f
3 days until "Telephone" + "Teléfono" by @DetroitJess! https://t.co/xgWDXbWMwL // https://t.co/RXBmzgooAL https://t.co/rLsny7YgT4
The Instant Love web site is LIVE! Dig into bonus videos, music, and submit your own cover to join the community!… https://t.co/kLvm2QzO3H
Watch "Instant Love Nest" premiere episode where @AllisonZatarain chats w/ @hellocavale on "You Really Got Me" https://t.co/aDSZdLG58t
Track # 8 out today on #LoveInstantLove! @hellocavale rocks "You Really Got Me" #Cavale #YouReallyGotMe #TheKinks… https://t.co/xgT48oyxfP
.@Substream PREMIERES @hellocavale's "You Really Got Me" + Instant Love Nest interview show + Instant Love web site! https://t.co/jhGTcXzQgw
INSTANT LOVE Track #7 by @cateyshaw via @HighlightZine premieres today & out tomorrow #LoveInstantLove… https://t.co/YDsuETfsQd
Friday. @palehoneyband x #ABBA. Sweden squared. Get ready... https://t.co/VFVe4FnN9C
INSTANT LOVE #7 hits 6/2 by @cateyshaw stream all INSTANT LOVE tracks: https://t.co/Ln8hpQvarH #LoveInstantLove… https://t.co/zK6iDXpoAB
Heck yes - love for #LoveInstantLove and @RachelFannan "Don't Worry Baby"! https://t.co/j6XAcySYlr
"But I keep thinking that something's bound to go wrong / But she looks in my eyes / And makes me realize when she… https://t.co/SyUAkJ0760
"Don't worry baby / Everything will turn out alright" & we believe @RachelFannan https://t.co/sBp6mdrXA1 https://t.co/bX9XXKmokE
Just another manic Monday. So here's a #playlist to get you in the mood to kick ass by @AllisonZatarain on @Spotify https://t.co/qb5EvNiYF6
INSTANT LOVE brings women together in a primal way thru music #loveinstantlove https://t.co/eqdek5Etbe https://t.co/sxzkiTZSuu
@RachelFannan x #TheBeachBoys classic "Don't Worry Baby" w/ @sunerosewagner @theraveonettes.… https://t.co/10TQsVWcEl
RT @brooklynvegan: Rachel Fannan (ex-Sleepy Sun) covers The Beach Boys for new 'Instant Love' series https://t.co/GSGp1YAuNu https://t.co/NHtoGSVZ4K
"Don't Worry Baby (Instant Love)" out 5/19 sung by @RachelFannan & produced by @sunerosewagner of @theraveonettes… https://t.co/QQ9xU2vbRG
RT @orchtweets: Capture the essence of Mother's Day with a playlist from our friends @InstantRecords & @Refinery29 #LoveInstantLove https://t.co/I8kQYJ6u82
RT @JenBonita: Proud to know and work with these cool people @InstantRecords https://t.co/FNNzkQQhlb
Here is a #playlist to rock out with your mom on Sunday #MothersDay via @Refinery29 featuring INSTANT LOVE tracks https://t.co/sub5N4bwkA
RT @PressHere: Spotted: @instantrecords Instant Love in @Cosmopolitan! https://t.co/2yghZnt2jZ
Yay @GooglePlay added "Peaceful Easy Feeling (Instant Love)" by @tristentristen to "Coffee Shop Blend" playlist https://t.co/U7SVBFPydy #<3
Nashvillian @tristentristen hums "I found out a long time ago / What a woman can do to your soul" #LoveInstantLove… https://t.co/cgAID52SSr
The ultimate compliment!!! https://t.co/u9oTZ8YVA5
#5 on INSTANT LOVE is out today! "Peaceful Easy Feeling" by @tristentristen is a new love story. #LoveInstantLove… https://t.co/28TZ1jisqS
RT @tristentristen: My cover of 🦅Eagles🦅 song 'peaceful easy feeling' is out NOW via @InstantRecords https://t.co/JDekv51s8Y https://t.co/a2rhjmlQMq
Premiere via @thebootdotcom for Friday's "Peaceful Easy Feeling" sung by @tristentristen for INSTANT LOVE. https://t.co/qCwBx8Ax2P #Tristen
Premiere via @theboot_dotcom for Friday's "Peaceful Easy Feeling" sung by @tristentristen for INSTANT LOVE. https://t.co/l6CqMrGqoS #Tristen
"Hot to Trot" drops Fri by @DetroitJess in BOTH Eng + Sp! @NoiseyMusic premieres the track and talks 6/23 album: https://t.co/wfvZisGZsP
#5 from INSTANT LOVE hits Friday by Nashville darling @tristentristen. Stream the collection here:… https://t.co/8GUG1XWkNI
New single "Trouble" by @Adriana_Louise is on @AppleMusic's #BestOfTheWeek playlist in Australia! https://t.co/gTf3FZ7rtr #LoveInstantLove
#RichardGottehrer produced @paulshaffer's LP @funnyordie “Tell them to bring an iTune down here he’ll sign an iTune” https://t.co/B55lwghWyC
New #LoveInstantLove out today! @Adriana_Louise nails @RayLaMontagne's "Trouble" https://t.co/wl15840Nu6 https://t.co/YOPgg3hUoS
The fab @Popdust premieres #Trouble by @Adriana_Louise from INSTANT LOVE out Fri #LoveInstantLove #SisterhoodAnthems https://t.co/Hx3hpiRyft
There's a lot going on over at Instant Records... https://t.co/wl15840Nu6 #LoveInstantLove #InstantSwing… https://t.co/qDPlNaeqDW
RUN TOO FAR video on @PasteMagazine by @DetroitJess. Track out in both Eng + Sp (ESCAPAR) https://t.co/6qTKk1vunO https://t.co/WAVtuFmsYI
After @fallulahmusic's "Light My Fire, " next on INSTANT LOVE Fri 4/21 is @Adriana_Louise singing Ray LaMontagne's "… https://t.co/hw9FIngqEf
In honor of #LoveInstantLove and womanhood, stream @fallulahmusic's playlist "Fallulah's Muses" on @AppleMusic here: https://t.co/GZftjMYmk0
RT @Section101Tweet: .@InstantRecords amazing new Instant Love song Collection is so worth checking out. Read more & listen:… https://t.co/i5wMuPrRZd
@fallulahmusic on INSTANT LOVE: "I think it's important that we as women show unity" https://t.co/7x0bVSK9C6 https://t.co/pzIr1tPfvm
RT @RadioAirplay_it: Da oggi in #radio-#OnAir #LightMyFire dei #doors interpretata da @fallulahmusic-#radiodate https://t.co/USBrw1kFhq https://t.co/q759q7lgX5
"Girl we couldn't get much higher" lyric transforms b/t girls w/ @fallulahmusic #LightMyFire #LoveInstantLove… https://t.co/otLayjZIx1
Light My Fire @fallulahmusic out uncovering shades of gender, sexuality, love, friendship, feminism… https://t.co/hh3txvIXkn
Love from @culturecollide today premiering "Light My Fire"by @fallulahmusic for INSTANT LOVE series #LoveInstantLove https://t.co/mWIZvtflRT
"Light My Fire" by @fallulahmusic out 4/7, is #3 #InstantLove track, will be added to playlist… https://t.co/Nu0WNA4Wsv
Music is catching up! #IrmaThoma song #CrazyLove out via #InstantLove https://t.co/wPu8XNZc1h #♥ #FeministAnthems… https://t.co/fOccIUOut8
Thank you @nprmusic - "Crazy Love" by #IrmaThomas is also a "song we love" https://t.co/LIMGEnsdBm #LGBTQSongs #InstantLove #FeministAnthems
What is "Instant Love"? Watch below, see full length here: https://t.co/ukfRgoZpbx & stream the "living album" here… https://t.co/J8lhddUAAd
Some #InstantLove love from our partners @orchtweets via their blog explaining our innovative "living album" concept https://t.co/lMr6OHJxBW
New Orleans love! https://t.co/gALvKWNDwu
RT @ADevs: Augh man, this made it onto my release radar today. Love the message. https://t.co/iclTiZMQnY @InstantRecords #instantlove ❤️❤️❤️
RT @Section101Tweet: Such a cool concept! Find out more about our client @InstantRecords new INSTANT LOVE Collection:… https://t.co/SpGBnwhAa8
We agree, @fingersonblast <3 <3 <3 https://t.co/rM6VJ3yBM2
#CrazyLove by #IrmaThomas out NOW from #InstantLove bi-weekly series https://t.co/wPu8XNZc1h #WomanToWoman… https://t.co/jxvbqTHWGN
@billboard premiered tomorrow's "Crazy Love" sung by #IrmaThomas the #InstantLove series of love songs between women https://t.co/YwDKM25fdl
2nd #InstantLove song out 3/24! Here's a sneak peek. We are in <3 w/ #IrmaThomas singing "Crazy Love"… https://t.co/POHhtsrSnU
We support #worldwaterday. There are so many ways to help big or small. As @fallulahmusic sings, "We all need water" https://t.co/35dXhWqk6R
@LeoNapierMusic sings "Rhythm" on new album by @paulshaffer via @Rhino_Records. The album is epic and eclectic https://t.co/v6PjY3EhlE
Instant Records founder @rgottehrer's tunes are forever young... #sorrow https://t.co/aqvWvaQteu
RT @taliesin_g: @InstantRecords This sng is excellent! I don't often buy a single after hearing only a clip, but I did here and am glad I did! #LoveIsLove
'Instant Love' Transforms Straight Love Songs into Sisterhood Anthems https://t.co/J5355i4MHF
Proud to release "Run Too Far/Escapar, " @DetroitJess's first bilingual release honoring her Mexican/Cuban heritage… https://t.co/PXDRcVFTy1
RT @HighlightZine: Erin Durant’s “Kind Woman” Kicks Off Instant Love Project (@InstantRecords) | https://t.co/xm79Gbfw6N https://t.co/HHpNvrTngr
Fri's bilingual single "Run Too Far/Escapar" by @DetroitJess + album news on @coslive https://t.co/4gXFzeOynf #childofimmigrants #equality
Instant Records is proud to be partners with tech giant @orchtweets on #InstantLove. Couldn't do it without them. https://t.co/wCjbZlVTUf
Thank u @mic for #instantLove love - "songs of solidarity, intended to unite women for the strikes and fights ahead" https://t.co/kydrIl8za1
#InstantLove bi-weekly series premieres w/ #KindWoman on #InternationalWomensDay to inject unity/support/love BETWE… https://t.co/qTYSSjtPXJ
RT @orchtweets: Get a sneak peek at @InstantRecords' #InstantLove project with a snippet of "Kind Woman" performed by Erin Durant https://t.co/5PbOMbKo7o
"Kind Woman" sung by #ErinDurant is coming on #InternationalWomensDay Check out the trailer for #InstantLove series… https://t.co/pWLtUWsFFL
The dreamy, synthy single from Swedish babes @palehoneyband is out today. Thank u @Spotify for #NewMusicFriday… https://t.co/dJgpG9od38
Thank u @gibsonguitar for the #Hummingbird loaner, played in @orchtweets studio for TOP SECRET #InstantLove project… https://t.co/TvdOnLjOd2
"Sorrow" is out today by #PaulShaffer produced by Instant prez #RichardGottehrer for @Rhino_Records w/ @jennylewis https://t.co/4q9sE8whty
@tracedominguez Hey it's Instant Records! Follow back so I can DM you about a cool idea... - @AllisonZatarain
@Cherrynotes Follow back so I can ask you a question, thank you!
This Friday 11/11 #SuneRoseWagner from @theraveonettes remixes "Strange World" by fellow Dane @fallulahmusic… https://t.co/tSibv8TNde
Thx for the @palehoneyband <3, @MetroUK ! "Head-nodding guitar riff? Yessir. Daunting rhythms? Ya betcha."… https://t.co/CdJ73X2Zrz
Thank you @1883magazine for premiering the cheeky "Dime" debut video by @LeoNapierMusic https://t.co/tiI0SuOvjW https://t.co/FcawGTiJ8M
Thank you, @wmag for premiering the spooky "Real Thing" video by @palehoneyband https://t.co/IuT5f4wUtO https://t.co/Ilcmp9MQOF
Yay thanks @Spotify for adding "Real Thing" by @palehoneyband to your "Weekly Buzz" playlist!! https://t.co/AuuD6obhr1
RT @napster: #SOTD Direct from Sweden @palehoneyband Listen to their latest single "Real Thing"! https://t.co/t2uyjWIldQ https://t.co/iQZxyi7quR
“Come undone, you’re electric..." Thx @diymagazine for #sneakpeek of @palehoneyband's single "Real Thing" out 10/14! https://t.co/fGwUtgfp4R
RT @fallulahmusic: Uuuh weee. My new song "Strange World" has reached its first 100.000 plays on the Spotify machine😻 Thanks!#proudmama https://t.co/n8j8xWS9EZ
#girlcrush on @aliciakeys forevs. Thanks for giving us the #courage, and challenging the social norms! #nomakeup… https://t.co/BZR9U73w6o
@LaurenEMiller3 Check out Fallulah's song "We All Need Water" - we'd love to give the song to you guys! Let's chat! https://t.co/yEaH5MwaBE
Check out this moving clip from @toppenafpoppen of @fallulahmusic singing "I Found Her" by @IdaCorr_Com https://t.co/FkARgQnJsp
Check out #Dion talking inspirations and early days of rock and roll on @thissongkutx podcast https://t.co/htCeBF3vXx
It's a strange, strange world says @fallulahmusic. New single "Strange World" is out on 9/9! https://t.co/5sGkyLUljm https://t.co/6I2n3X6ZWk
#Dion 's "Visionary Heart" single about his relationship w/ #BuddyHolly is out today and features a new bonus track! https://t.co/Y4ju9648qS
RT @AppleMusic: New music. Good music. All in one place. #BestOfTheWeek: https://t.co/nXpYWVKe1u
Our artist @fallulahmusic is featured on #BestOfTheWeek by @AppleMusic ! https://t.co/W363KuiWU3
RT @fallulahmusic: My new record "Perfect Tense" is availble now!! So excited!! X❤X❤ Stream / Download: https://t.co/hUhTJeV1Ab https://t.co/No96rzH8Vf
The new shimmering indie pop album "Perfect Tense" by @fallulahmusic is out worldwide today! https://t.co/ar1z7BBq59 https://t.co/Ssojidw69P
Featuring Dion! https://t.co/PutHG2NwJ9
Excited that @clash_music premiered the album trailer by @fallulahmusic w/ clips from every song on the 2/26 album! https://t.co/doksYhP5YA
Dion's new album "New York Is My Home" is out today! Stream / Buy it here: https://t.co/HRDa3dv4dA https://t.co/U2PyewxIXq
RT @JenBonita: Come on Baby, Let's go out and save the world! @fallulahmusic https://t.co/M6YeocdI74 via @InstantRecords #music
Hell yeah! @fallulahmusic 's pop banger "Perfect Tense" is #19 on the US Viral 50 Chart on @Spotify ! #PerfectTense https://t.co/pslS1nzfER
@fallulahmusic 's pop banger "Perfect Tense" is #19 on the US Viral 50 Chart on @Spotify ! #PerfectTense https://t.co/esPLa8IASg
New single "Tease" out today by @palehoneyband featuring a new acoustic b-side https://t.co/NgYDzj46h1 https://t.co/fRARj0KaO4
RT @fallulahmusic: .@SpotifyUSA THANK YOU so much for adding Perfect Tense to the "New Music Friday" playlist! ❤️❤️ Listen here: https://t.co/duItEMbLr4 X
RT @napster_UK: Listen to our exclusive playlist from @Fallulahmusic for a closer insight into her musical taste! #16for2016 https://t.co/D6078rTMOC
@The405 premiered the new @fallulahmusic #PerfectTense lyric video! The single is OUT NOW ahead of the Feb 26 album. https://t.co/arIZnb6lIQ
Here's a clip from the new @fallulahmusic video for "Ghostfriend" #meow #ghostfriend https://t.co/sFVPJehQhE
New @fallulahmusic "Ghostfriend" single & video" is here! https://t.co/xG2LCdaQUS https://t.co/TDmnUlyKyF
The new single "Sorrow Is a Shadow" by @fallulahmusic is out now! https://t.co/Y7yQddMHOk https://t.co/KU6U8qYY3Q
Great interview w/ @palehoneyband in @wonderlandmag "Tuva and Nelly have mastered minimalistic rock" - we agree! http://t.co/dOLqbzBABB
Getting love from @PasteMagazine for the new @fallulahmusic "Social Club" video http://t.co/7Dmx8s9Mc1 #bubblegumsmack #fallulah
@noiseymusic premiered a new @fallulahmusic video "peppered with the same devil-may-care fire of a young Joan Jett" http://t.co/cJ7uclwbaG
RT @AlexKegler: Confiram amigos... Fallulah - Social Club by @InstantRecords https://t.co/pC39XrENUf on #SoundCloud
RT @NielsBruwier: A new favorite: Fallulah - Social Club by @InstantRecords https://t.co/IoITeKgVZz on #SoundCloud
RT @bestfitmusic: Danish popstar @fallulahmusic shares the big & bold "Social Club" [Premiere]. Song Of The Day. http://t.co/7sKaANubI5 http://t.co/bOLH9r9Ax9
The new single "Social Club" by @fallulahmusic is out today!!! http://t.co/pWdnnnxidO
@bestfitmusic just premiered the new video by Swedish duo @palehoneyband for "Over Your Head" featuring guns and nuns http://t.co/RWpKZrcFUG
RT @palehoneyband: Yes! Our new single "Over Your Head" has arrived. Incl new track "On Your Mind". Spotify: https://t.co/OvVOsxfAFO http://t.co/NaYNpH5Dlu
RT @alalgagalala: @godisinthetv @DetroitJess @InstantRecords I absolutely love this album!
Check out our new web site for the latest news, videos, and live dates for our growing roster! Plus read our story! http://t.co/zr2CNqy2AH
New acoustic video for "Bandolier" by @palehoneyband. Recorded at Nacksving, just for you. https://t.co/rbyJ45Tqn4 http://t.co/ygkeOWevYK
The cool cover of "Swimming Pools (Drank)" by @DEMARMUSIC is on Spingrey's "Slow Jamz" @Spotify playlist, check it https://t.co/ihTiN5P77Y
@DetroitJess made a "Summer Tour" playlist on @Spotify to commemorate her summer on the road #jessicahernandez #tour https://t.co/ETGuGxnk1y
Surprise! @aurevoirsimone single "Red Rabbit!" Fans begged when heard in HBO's "Love, Marilyn" http://t.co/yzMtNbahQe http://t.co/lO0XluNIw3
New single "Swimming Pools (Drank)" by @DEMARMUSIC is out today! Such a cool interpretation of a new classic... http://t.co/iQ5Iwa57jG
The song "Over Your Head" by @palehoneyband got picked for May's @Rdio Recommends playlist, check it http://t.co/RyloZ9ZAki #bestnewmusic
Thank you @kcrw for making "Youth" the free download / "Today's Top Tune" & for spinning us all the way in California http://t.co/xyRMYnIq96
RT @DetroitJess: Our tour starts tomorrow and our new single is available today. http://t.co/QSMTwFA1YE or http://t.co/vkhFI59MhG http://t.co/JTkGXDqAPO
Thanks to NPR's @allsongs for playing @palehoneyband today! #palehoney #npr http://t.co/rn1SdiUMqV
New LP from Swedish band @palehoneyband out today! @coslive calls it "pure, understated gold"! http://t.co/qEX1nWV5WC http://t.co/9opBbr4MF2
You can stream the entire new LP by @palehoneyband NOW on @coslive in advance of next weeks' release! #palehoney http://t.co/gbYgWpeFad
Today @culturecollide previewed the track "Lonesome" from next week's debut LP by @palehoneyband ! Check it out... http://t.co/eWmx8umUxH
@holdinaschott Just digital for now. We'll announce if we release physically later this year!
@palehoneyband teased (pun intended) their May LP "Pale Honey" on @diymagazine w/ exclusive stream of track "Tease" http://t.co/J0S4vZ9Mfd
Thanks to @Gigslutz_ for the cool writeup on @DetroitJess & her introduction to the UK http://t.co/Rxp47ttjyS #jessicahernandezandthedeltas
Get the new soul pop single from @ONapiermusic hot off the presses! http://t.co/c9v1eWb2f5 #orlandonapier #summerjamz http://t.co/7Uxl6aquzT
Thanks @PasteMagazine for the advance stream of "Don't Take My Man to Idaho" by @DetroitJess from the new 7" out soon http://t.co/nTN3RFa3qV
Tonight @DetroitJess play their first ever show European show in London at @theoldbluelast ! @bestfitmusic http://t.co/fh2u3Bhgnb
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The new remix EP "About To Blow" from @psuperstar is now out everywhere! http://t.co/VmBg0Dwnn9 http://t.co/a5KsrTVjHM
@MTV premiered the new cinematic one-take "Cry Cry Cry" video by @DetroitJess today! Watch it on her @MTVartists page http://t.co/0ZXvxbofOU
"About To Blow" @psuperstar Remix EP out now at @beatport w/ tracks by @astronomar @FEADZofficial @MIDNITEMEN & more! http://t.co/sAfKfjKGI3
"Sorry I Stole Your Man" alternate cut by @DetroitJess on @REMEZCLA w/ "new footage packed with drama & escándalo!" http://t.co/sfIjnFVlVo
Check out the amazing full performance by @DetroitJess on @kexp ! https://t.co/DyOxiDAbFd #jessicahernandezandthedeltas #secretevil #kexp
"Quizáz Porque" coming 3/15/19!

And you can preview it courtesy of Pedrina...

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"Wordless" is out on 11/2!

The next Instant Love track and last of the year hits this November.

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The Instant Love Podcast launches!

Starting 2/27, they're coming at ya every week...

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Allison appears on health guru Kimberly Snyder's podcast!

The duo sit and have a love fest...

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JH&D releases "Dirty Boy" single

Featuring Diego Solórzano of Rey Pila

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